Welcome!  We are pleased to have you visit us at Globe Ridgebacks
Ch. Globe Lia's Kid Abilene
Globe Ridgebacks is located in Philomath, Georgia, a
small farming village in northeast Georgia.  The name
Globe" comes from our old homeplace that our
family established circa 1830.  The house was built
for our great-great grandfather,
Robert Cunningham
Daniel, and has remained in the family.  His family
enjoyed the works of Shakespeare, and the house
was named for the Globe Theatre in London.  When
selecting a kennel name to identify our dogs, "Globe"
was a natural choice.
Since 1972, we have been dedicated to producing excellence
in Ridgebacks.  That devotion has been, and always will be,
based on love of a breed which knows no limit.
We are Ginny and Nelda Vaughn.  We have been involved with the raising, training, showing,
and mainly the pure enjoyment of living with Ridgebacks since 1972.  We retired from showing
and our small  breeding program in 2007.  Each litter was carefully planned as we only bred
when we wanted a pup for ourselves to continue our line.  Though we only had 12 litters during
that time, we are quite pleased with the Ridgebacks we produced and their accomplishments.   
We have kept this website so those whose dogs carry the Globe line can have this background
information. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website
Featuring the Artwork of Virginia Vaughn
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