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May 31,2020
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Nelda Vaughn
*For clarity, it should be noted that Philomath was originally called Woodstock.  Name had to be changed
in mid-1840s when a post office was approved though locals continued calling it Woodstock and this is
still the Woodstock District of the county.  It should also be noted that throughout these writings about
families, I will use abbreviations and often identify individuals by initials as writing of multiple people
with same first name is confusing and repetitive use of full names becomes cumbersome.  EX:  Robert
Cunningham Daniel may sometimes be RCD.  Links to documents or other sites provided at the end.

Preface:  To introduce ourselves and explain the basis of our knowledge and understanding, we are as
close to this house as any living person can be.  It has long been our home; in fact, I was born in this
house.  We have lived in Philomath all our life.  Even during the brief time we resided in Florida during our
childhood, the house was still owned by our mother and we came “home” whenever possible. Our family
moved into this house in 1953 to care for our grandfather.  Ginny and I have lived here continuously since
1964, and have had title since 1991.  

Except for electrical, plumbing and exterior painting, Ginny and I have done much of the work on the house
with our own hands (plastering, carpentry, painting, re-installing window weights, etc).  Admittedly, our
work is not the same as that of master craftsmen, but it satisfies our needs.  So we have a unique perspective
and considerable knowledge of this house - its nooks and crannies, its intricacies, its personality.  It’s our
home. Restoring and maintaining it has been a major part of our lives (and our bank accounts!), including
spending our “vacations” and nights after work working on it as there is always something else to be done.

The house was built c1830 by our great-great grandfather, Robert Cunningham Daniel (RCD), and was
named "Globe" for the Globe Theatre in London as they enjoyed the works of Shakespeare.  Except for a
mere six year, it has been in the Daniel family since it was built.  Philomath is a very small village; yet while
the population is small, several of the residents are descended from original founders.  We grew up hearing  
stories in everyday conversations about families and about other houses in Philomath.  (See Philomath
about houses in and around Philomath)


STRUCTURE:  Original and renovations.  LINK SOON

OWNERS:  Robert C Daniel, who built the house, died in 1863 intestate.  It took several years before the
estate was settled.  Sequence of owners/inhabitants is found here.  

ALTERNATIVE FACTS AND LORE:  We have long had this website for our dogs and Ginny’s art studio.  I
have seen a few discrepancies about this house on various internet sites; one
site in particular about the
Pittard family had several items we often see that are different from what we had known and heard, and
there are a few items we had not heard at all before seeing this.  This article in particular spurred me to add
sections about family and Philomath to our site to offer facts when known and proof can be shown, and to
offer alternate family lore where stories cannot be proved – just the information passed down to us from
generation to generation, from other descendants living right here where it happened.  

DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?  We have experienced some unusual, even weird, incidents.  Read on...if
you have the nerve.  LINK SOON.



I welcome corrections, questions, additions, or comments.  Contact.
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