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*For clarity, it should be noted that Philomath was originally called Woodstock.  Name had to be
changed in mid-1840s when a post office was approved though locals continued calling it
Woodstock and this is still the Woodstock District of the county.  It should also be noted that
throughout these writings about families and Philomath, after first naming an individual, I will
often identify them by initials as writing of two people with same first name can be confusing and
repetitive full names becomes cumbersome.  EX:  Robert Cunningham Daniel may sometimes be

The following wills or letters of administration (LOA) are in Oglethorpe County Probate Court unless
otherwise noted.  Some non-family documents involve people from the Philomath area.  Families
will include Bryan, Daniel, Glenn, Nash, Peek, Pittard.  Links will be activated when documents are

Family-Related Wills

Ella Campbell Daniel Bryan:  will with plats and maps -
Robert Cunningtham Daniel Bryan- WILL
 James Daniel (found in Wilkes County, though will states he is of Oglethorpe County) -
 Jane Ewing Daniel (Wilkes County) - WILL
 Robert Cunningham Daniel - LOA
 William Thomas Daniel - LOA
 Samuel Glenn -

Wills and Letters of Administration were copied at the Oglethorpe County Probate Court or from
will books available online.

If you have questions, requests, corrections, or comments, please
contact me.

Please check back later - more wills are being prepared.