April 15, 2020

Most of the material I have is about the Daniel Family since we live in the house built by Robert
Cunningham Daniel.  Much of the material is in the final stages of preparation to publish, and I hope to have
it online soon.  There are four other new sections I am working on, so it is taking some time to get
everything posted and activated.  Meanwhile, here are some
deeds and wills or letters of administration
associated with our family or with Philomath in general.

  James McCarter Bryan and Ella Campbell Daniel - LINK
  Jonathan Bryan, Jr. and Georgia A Sneed - LINK

  Benjamin Franklin Daniel and Florence Householder - LINK
  Cunningham "Game" Daniel and Jane Ewing -
  Ella Campbell Daniel and James McCarter Bryan - LINK
  James Cicero Daniel and Carrie Varner - LINK
  James Daniel and Jane Kelso - link soon
  John Jonathan Daniel and Mary Augusta Drake and Ida Pope Binns - LINK
  Mary Antoinette Daniel and Felix G C Peek -
  Robert Cunningham Daniel and Emily G Milner - LINK
  William Thomas Daniel and Letitia M Branch - LINK
  Samuel Glenn, MD and Sophia Denton Milner - link later
  Emily G Milner and Robert Cunningham Daniel - LINK
  Sophia Denton Milner and Samuel Glenn, MD - link later

I welcome your questions, corrections, additions, or comments.  

Please check back later for new additions.
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