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Although the two estate sales had been in January 1866 and December 1868 and the land
divisions/purchases had been in January 1870, none of the children had paid for any of their purchases at
those sales.  In John’s attempt to settle RCD’s estate, interest on those purchases was calculated from time
of each sale until December 1, 1874.  When John J Daniel summoned RCD’s children to appear in
Oglethorpe County Superior Court on Third Monday in April, 1875, in
an effort to settle RCD’s estate,
James and Ella were in South Carolina.  In the October 23, 1875, term of court, it was ordered that
“whenever anyone of said heirs…shall pay the said sum…Administrators of the said R C Daniel shall make
to such heir…an
Admisitrators Deed to all the land of said estate which such heir has heretofore purchased
t a\Administrators sale of the same; and should said deed for any cause not be made, then said payment
shall operate as an Administrators Deed”.
  Thus, titles to land had not been transferred/recorded until
after the October 1875 term of court.  
[E&A, D, 118-120]   As cited in Ella’s deed of land to Samuel Lumpkin, this
seems to be the method by which Ella gained title to the
"850-acre" tract of land as I could not find an actual
deed transferring the property from RCD’s estate to Ella.  (JMB-ECDB-MISC)

According to a report by H Harvey Payne III, great-grandson of Ella’s brother, Benjamin Franklin Daniel, a
neighbor to Ella & James had apparently taken some fence rails from Ella’s property.  Ella wrote a letter to
the neighbor requesting the return of the rails; the neighbor denied taking the rails and called Ella a liar.  
Ben, demanded an apology as a matter of honor.  The neighbor, a much larger man, grabbed Ben and, in self-
defense, Ben pulled his gun and shot him.   He thought he had killed him, but the neighbor survived.  Ben
was charged with “Assault with Intent to Murder” at the April 1878 term of court.  This resulted in a
mistrial.  Ben was again tried on the same charge the following year (Oct 1879 term), and was found not
guilty.  Ben was then tried (April 1880 term) with “Misdemeanor – Carrying Pistol Concealed” to which Ben
pled guilty.  It was adjudged that he pay a fine of $50 + costs of prosecution.  In default of payment, Ben
was confined to common jail for 30 days.  (see BFD-Assault for more details)

On January 30, 1897, James got, in effect, a loan of $266.70 from Pharr & Terry for which he put up surety
of horses, grist mill,wagons, etc and the debit was cancelled March 26, 1897  
[Deed Book FF-15]  On March 22,
1897, James got a second “loan” of $500 from Billups Phinizy (a prominent Athenian, who built, among
other buildings, Farmer’s Hardware in 1897, now Farmer’s Exchange Loft).  James put up almost the same
surety as for the first loan.  Perhaps this loan, obtained 4 days prior to cancellation of first loan, for almost
twice as much was used to pay off the first loan with some to spare.  Written to the side:  “The debt for
which this was given to secure having been satisfied this is hereby cancelled…Feby 12, 1898”  
[Deed Book FF-20]
(see JMB-ECDB-MISC, also Deeds)  

On December 28, 1910, Mrs. Ella C Bryan bought 100 acres of a 386-acre parcel from Ida P Daniel (her
brother John’s widow), R A Daniel (John’s son) and W H Arnold (John’s son-in-law) for $4,500.  The deed
indicates 84 acres on north side of the main road + 16 acres on south side
"on which the dwelling house
stands, known as the R. C. Daniel Homestead... Both said lands being part of the lands of R. C. Daniel,
 (For more details, see DEEDS)

In her will, Item Two, Ella “set aside one half acre of land in the rear of the homestead for a burial lot
including the land now in use as a burying place for the family for all time to come.”  (see Deeds and Wills)

Ella left various properties to her children.  The tract of land previously described as 850 acres was
surveyed (total acres actually 809) and divided into seven lots of equal value – one lot for each child.  This
land was sandwiched between Lexington Road (now Hwy 22/Crawfordville Road) and the Woodville Road.   
Ella had also purchased December 28, 1910, the RCD home place on 16 acres + 84 acres across the road.   
This purchase was from Ida Pope Daniel, R A Daniel and Walter Arnold.  The 84 acres across the road from
the house was to be divided into 6 portions of equal value left to six of her children:  Jonathan, Benjamin,
Robert, Daisy, Harry, and George.  The house and 16 acres was left entailed:  first to Ella’s daughter Nettie
during her life, second to Ella’s son Jonathan during his life, and if he had no children, third and finally to
Ella’s son Robert C D Bryan and his children.  For sequence of ownership of the RCD home place, see Globe-
Owners.  (See Ella’s Will with plats and maps attached).

From his obituary, James died of heart failure October 13, 1907, in McDonough, GA, while visiting his
brother-in-law, James Cicero Daniel (JCD).  JMB had been superintendent of arts and educational
department of the state fair in Atlanta; and while in Atlanta, decided that Saturday afternoon to visit JCD in
McDonough, where JMB died during the night.  It seems Ella was not with him during this visit.  His body
was sent home by train that Sunday morning accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. J C Daniel.

Ella died July 21, 1922 – age 76 years.  Her death certificate is difficult to read, but cause of death was
general debility and gastric  _______ that was chronic for over 3 years.  Both are buried in Daniel Family
Cemetery (DFC, aka Bryan-Daniel Family Cemetery on Find a Grave website), Philomath, GA.  (see RCD-

My mother (Emily Ella Bryan Vaughn) was 8 years 9 months old when her grandmother died.  Mama spoke
often of her with admiration.  As she remembered Ella, I see a true matriarch in every sense of the word.  
Based on deeds I have found, it was Ella who owned (had title) the land in the family.  She purchased over
800 acres just west of Philomath from her father’s estate which is where she and James raised their family.  
In 1910, she purchased an additional 100 acres from her sister-in-law and nephews that contained her
father’s home place (see ECDB-Will).  Ella was a firm, confident woman, yet kind and generous, and highly
respected in the community.  Her grown children with their families lived here in Philomath or nearby;
some lived with her at times.  It was customary to often have family gatherings at her house for holidays,
birthdays…and most Sundays after church.  My impression is they looked to her for guidance and, I
believe, approval.  When my mother was born in 1913, Ella was living here at the Globe house so all Mama’s
memories of her grandmother were while she lived in this house.  There is one memory of her grandmother
in particular that Mama told several times.  In the room that was then used as a sitting room, there is a
shallow closet with Dutch doors beside the fireplace, and Ella’s chair was next to that closet.  When children
came to visit, she would reach into bottom part of the closet and pull out a treat for them – candy, cookie,
small toy.  I’m sure that made an impression on a small child.

I welcome questions, corrections, additions or comments.  

*AR, S-203 = Annual Return, Book S, page 203 – Probate Office, Oglethorpe County
*E&A, D-63-120 = Equity and Appeals, Book D, pages 63-120 – found online through Family Search

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