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*For clarity, it should be noted that Philomath was originally called Woodstock.  Name had to be changed
in mid-1840s when a post office was approved though locals continued calling it Woodstock and this is
still the Woodstock District of the county.  It should also be noted that throughout these writings about
families, I will use abbreviations and often identify individuals by initials as writing of multiple people
with same first name is confusing and repetitive use of full names becomes cumbersome.  EX:  Robert
Cunningham Daniel may sometimes be RCD.  Links to documents or other sites provided at the end.

Mary (aka Marie on many internet sites and her tombstone) Antoinette Daniel (MADP), daughter of Robert
C Daniel (RCD) and Emily G
Milner Daniel (EGMD).  Mary was born June 14, 1840, and died June 26, 1911.  
She married November 30, 1859, Felix G C Peek, son of James and Margarette Peek.  Felix was born
December 22, 1839, in Hancock County, GA, and died September 8, 1918, in Crawfordville, GA.  Both are
buried in Daniel Family Cemetery (DFC).  NOTE:  She is listed as Mary in RCD Family Bible and on 4 deeds
for property; she is listed as Marie on one deed and on her tombstone.  I have not found a will for her or the
disposition of the property she purchased from her father’s estate.  (see RCD-BIBLE; see DEEDS)

Censuses:  1850 – Mary, age 10, on Oglethorpe County, Woodstock District; did not find Felix. 1860 – they
had married in 1859; did not find them on census.  1870 – they are listed in Taliaferro County; she is listed
as M Antoinette Peek, age 29; he is listed as Felix G C Peek, age 30.  1880 – they are in Oglethorpe County;
she is listed as Mary A, age 40; he is listed as F G C Peek, age 40.  1890 census destroyed.  1900 – not
found, 1910 not found.  They died before the 1920 census.  (see MADP-MISC)

Their 4 children as listed on the 1870 and 6 children on 1880 census:

1870 – William T Peek, age 8                   1880 – W T Peek, age 18
1870 – Cicero A Peek, age 6                      1880 – C A Peek, age 16
1870 – E Robert Peek, age 4                     1880 – E D Peek, age 14 (difference in name)
1870 – M Ella Peek, age 2                           1880 – Etta Peek, age 12 (note name was Ella)
                                                                              1880 – J S Peek, age 10 in 1880
                                                                              1880 – Mary A Peek, age 1 in 1880

Of these six children, I have information on only Mary Ella Peek, born December 19, 1867, and died
November 15, 1938.  She married Randall Jones Arnold, born April 13, 1869, and died January 18, 1945.  
He was the son of Randolph Jones Arnold and Martha Elizabeth Jane
Latimer Arnold.  Mary and Randall
are buried in DFC.

When Mary’s father died without a will in 1863, Felix, along with RCD’s sons John and William, were
appointed administrators of Robert C Daniel’s estate, which was not fully settled for several years.  Felix
bought items (not land) at the estate sales held in January 1866 and December 1868.  One item of note was a
piano for $235.  RCD’s inventory showed 2 pianos, one “old” was bought by John for $5.50, so the one
Felix purchased must have been the newer/better piano.  RCD’s real estate was divided/purchased by his
heirs-at-law on January 3, 1870.  John’s Account of Heirs for RCD’s estate as of December 1, 1874, shows
that Felix bought $24.40 at the 1866 sale and $453.88 at the 1868 sale.  At the distribution of RCD’s land
January 3, 1870, Mary received/bought land for $5,975.  However, none of the items purchased from the
two estate sales or any of the land were paid for at that time by any of RCD’s heirs.  In fact, when John gave
his account of heirs as of December 1, 1874, the heirs had still not paid for any of the items or land.
 [E&A, D,
pg 63-120]

The October Term of Court 1875 decreed that when payment for the land was made, a deed should be
issued; and if for any cause a deed was no issued, “payment shall operate as an administrators deed by said
administrators of said land to said heir.”  (see RCD-ESTATE)

Real estate from RCD’s estate containing 115 acres was sold at public auction January 4, 1876, and was then
knocked off to Mary A Peek for $1,275.  Was this the same property Mary had received at the January 3,
1870, division and had not paid so it was then put up for auction?   This was the only deed I could find
transferring land from RCD’s estate to Mary A Peek.  It is a different dollar amount than what was indicated
for the “purchase” at the January 1870 meeting.  This one deed for land purchased January 1876 was not
indentured until April 17, 1899.  The estate administrators acknowledged this delay in the deed  writing
said administrator having never made a deed to said Mary A Peek to said tract of land hereinafter
described making this deed now for then.”
...23 years later!  (see DEEDS, see RCD-ESTATE for Court
Decree on land payment)

An ad in
The Atlanta Weekly Sun is shown that a Sheriff’s sale of 213 acres in Taliaferro County owned by
Felix G C Peek was to be sold in January 1873 at public auction to satisfy a fi fa issued by the Taliaferro
Superior Court in favor of Elizabeth Dalton, Administratrix of Jessie Dalton vs Felix G C Peek.  (see MADP-

Other deeds involve:
Marie A Peek to secure a loan from Athens Savings Bank June 18, 1887; Mary A Peek to secure a note t
o Billups Phinizy; Felix GC Peek and Mary A Peek to transfer ownership of a bay colt and a cow to thei
r daughter, Marrie A Peek; Felix GC Peek to Benjamin F Moore; Felix GC Peek and Mary A Peek to Benjami
n F Moore.
 It should be noted that deeds are as they were recorded in the deed books by the clerk of court,
not the actual deed; so a misspelling or misunderstanding of name is a possibility.  
 (see DEEDS)

Initials & Abbreviations:
MADP = Mary Antoinette Daniel Peek
FGCP = Felix G C Peek
RCD = Robert Cunningham Daniel, her father
EGMD = Emily G.
Milner Daniel, her mother
JJD = John Jonathan Daniel, her brother
WTD = William Thomas Daniel, her brother
E&A = Oglethorpe County, Equity & Appeals, Book D, Pages 63-120 (RCD’s estate)
AR = Oglethorpe County, Annual Returns, Books Q, R, S, & T
DFC = Daniel Family Cemetery, aka Bryan-Daniel Family Cemetery
E&A = Oglethorpe County, Equity & Appeals, Book D, Pages 63-120 (RCD’s estate)
AR = Oglethorpe County, Annual Returns, Books Q, R, S, & T

Mary A Daniel Peek & Felix GC Peek – Miscellaneous Documents - MADP-MISC
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Daniel Family Cemetery, aka Bryan-Daniel Family Cemetery on Find a Grave - DFC
Mary Antoinette Daniel and Felix G C Peek
June 2020