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Needlework by Nelda Vaughn, Globe - The House, Favorite Recipes.
Nelda Vaughn
*For clarity, it should be noted that Philomath was originally called Woodstock.  Name had to be changed
in mid-1840s when a post office was approved though locals continued calling it Woodstock and this is
still the Woodstock District of the county.  It should also be noted that throughout these writings about
families, I will use abbreviations and often identify individuals by initials as writing of multiple people
with same first name is confusing and repetitive use of full names becomes cumbersome.  EX:  Robert
Cunningham Daniel may sometimes be RCD.  Links to documents or other sites provided at the end.

John Jonathan Daniel (JJD) was born March 1, 1833, in Philomath, Oglethorpe County, GA, in the house
called Globe.  His father was Robert Cunningham Daniel (RCD) and mother was Emily G.
Milner Daniel
(EGMD).  John married first, December 13, 1860, to Mary Augusta Drake, daughter of James V & Caroline
Boswell Drake. Augusta was born June 7, 1840, and died June 6, 1874.   John married second, November
5, 1884, to Miss Ida Pope Binns, born January 6, 1853, daughter of Christopher and Lydia
Callaway Binns.  
John died October 27, 1904 – aged 71 years, 7 months, & 26 days.   He and Mary Augusta were buried in
Daniel Family Cemetery (DFC, aka Bryan-Daniel Family Cemetery).  Ida P B Daniel died March 24, 1931
and was buried in Resthaven Cemetery, Washington, GA.
1, 2, 10, 11, 15

NOTE:  Some sources have John’s mother incorrect as Elizabeth Favour Daniel, RCD’s first wife.  
Elizabeth died in 1830, before John’s birth in 1833. She had no children.  RCD married his second wife
Emily G. Milner in 1831.  Emily was John’s mother.  Also, some sources have Augusta’s mother as Sarah
Callaway Drake, who was James Valentine Drake’s second wife.  The RCD Family Bible shows Mary
“daughter of Jas V and C F Drake”.  Plus, the 1850 census shows James V. Drake (JVD) 39,
Caroline 31, Mary 10, Sarah S. 7, Eugenia 6 [Eugene?].  Caroline Frances Boswell Drake, daughter of
George and Sarah
Johnson Boswell, was JVD’s first wife and mother of Mary Augusta.  Caroline died
February 9, 1854, seven days after birth of son James Frank Drake February 2, 1854.  
Marriages of
Greene County
show James V Drake married Mrs. Sarah A Callaway September 6, 1856. She was
daughter of Seaborne and Delphia
Poteet Callaway, and widow of Reuben Strozier Callaway.  Sarah Ann
L Callaway Drake is buried with her first husband in Callaway Family Cemetery in Rayle, GA.  
This James Valentine Drake (1811-1881, son of Archibald Drake) with his first wife Caroline Frances
Boswell Drake are buried in Penfield Cemetery, Penfield, GA.  Do not confuse with another James V.
Drake (1830-1912, son of Etheldred Drake) with wife Sarah Mary Catherine
Arnold Drake who also lived
in/near Philomath and are buried in Finch Family Cemetery in vicinity of Sims Crossroads, about 5 miles
west of Philomath.
1, 15

John and Ida had no children.  Four of John and Mary Augusta’s children died as infants/children:  Emily
Frances Daniel 1861-1864; John Jonathan Daniel, Jr. 1863-1864; Maude Augusta Daniel 1869-1871; Annie
May Daniel 1872-1872.2   Their children who reached adulthood were:  

Mary Ida Daniel born September 15, 1865, died May 20, 1954.  She married December 5, 1889, Walter H.
Arnold.  He was born May 30, 1867, and died November 5, 1934.  Both buried DFC.

Florence Lee Daniel born May 15,1873, and died February 9, 1962.  She married Walter Lowrie Childs.  He
was born June 29, 1859, and died December 25, 1943.  Both are buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens,
16, 17
Rollin Augustus Daniel born May 13, 1875 and died June 20, 1960.  He married Mary Frazer in 1906.    She
was born February 25, 1874, and died April 3, 1961.  Both are buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville,

John and his brother James Cicero enlisted in the 38th Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA,
on the same day, September 29, 1861.  Family lore is that John was a Captain in the Confederate Army.  
Website for the 38th Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Infantry lists him as 3rd Lieutenant serving from
September 29, 1861, to April 22, 1862.  According to this site:  
“Resigned due acute rheumatism and
complete inability to perform military duties, while the regiment was at Savannah, Ga.”
 He was a mail
contractor under the Confederacy, and he sold corn to the Confederacy.  
2, 12, 18

Jeff Davis and his cabinet were fleeing Richmond as the war was coming to an end in May 1865.  They came
through Abbeville, SC, to Washington, GA.  They separated in Washington, with Davis headed south with
small group of soldiers in effort to be inconspicuous.  His cabinet, accompanied by General Breckenridge
and General Duke with their troops came to Capt. John Daniel’s house, Globe, where it was decided
“it was
a needless expenditure of blood to continue the struggle, and the stars and bars of the late Confederacy
were forever furled”.
 In a story written by Larry Gantt for The Oglethorpe Echo March 4, 1904, John
relates the story.  Miss Florrie Smith in her
History of Oglethorpe County, gives a more detailed account. 2,
7, 9, 10

After his father died intestate Dec 1, 1863, John and his brother William with their mother, Emily, applied
for Letters of Administration Jan 4, 1864.  Then, on March 7, 1864, John, William, and Felix G C Peek
(John’s brother-in-law) were granted Letters of Administration.  John’s mother, Emily, died June 30, 1864,
barely 7 months after her husband, leaving John’s youngest brother, Benjamin Franklin, an orphan at 13
years old.  John was granted guardianship of Benjamin December 7, 1864.  John and William were primary
managers of the RCD estate until William’s death Jan 1, 1867; then John was the primary manager.  There
are several listings for his father’s estate in the Annual Return (AR) books Q, R, S, and T (Probate Office)
for inventory and appraisement, income from sales of crops as well as estate sales of household furnishing
and goods, farm animals and equipment.  There were also expenses for the estate which included expenses
for the minor child Benjamin:  clothing, medical, tuition, etc.  Some of same info in Equity & Appeals [E&A  
Book D]. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 13
At the estate sale of his father, Robert C. Daniel, January 3-5, 1866, John purchased items totaling
$1,450.09 and at the second estate sale December 8, 1868, John’s purchases totaled $436.59.10

In 1867, John was declared bankrupt.  John Armstrong of Greene County was  appointed assignee of the
Estate of John J. Daniel of Woodstock…
”has been adjudged Bankrupt by decree of this court.”  Approved
March 2, 1867, affixed April 1, 1868, and recorded August 24, 1868.

When his father’s land was divided/sold January 3, 1870, John was only child to not purchase land, perhaps
because John had declared bankruptcy.  However, when RCD’s home place with 386 acres later beccame
available in 1887, John’s second wife, Ida Pope
Binns Daniel, purchased it from the estate of Francis L.
Upson – land on which John and Ida were already residing. This land had first been obtained by the estate
of John’s brother, William T. Daniel at the January 1870 land division/sale, which WTD’s estate sold at
public auction to Francis L. Upson in December, 1880.
2, 3, 4, 5

RCD = Robert Cunningham Daniel
EGMD = Emily G. Milner Daniel
JJD = John Jonathan Daniel
MADD = Mary Augusta Drake Daniel
IPBD – Ida Pope Binns Daniel
WTD = William Thomas Daniel
MADP = Mary Antoinette Daniel Peek
FGCP = Felix G C Peek
JCD = James Cicero Daniel
ECDB – Ella Campbell Daniel Bryan
JMB = James McCarter Bryan
BFD = Benjamin Franklin Daniel

AR = Annual Returns in Probate Office
E&A = Equity & Appeals Books found online in

Some of these links to other websites don't seem to work; their URL is given to type yourself or cut & paste.

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3        Annual Returns, Books Q, R, S, & T - Oglethorpe County         
4        Equity & Appeals, Book D, page 63-120 - Oglethorpe County -
5        Deeds, Oglethorpe County -
6        Wills & Letters of Administration, Oglethorpe County - LINK    
7        Florrie C. Smith, History of Oglethorpe County         
8        Robert C. Daniel – Miscellaneous Documents -
9        Globe – Confederacy End - LINK   
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15        James Valentine Drake at Penfield Cemetery, not to be confused with James V Drake at Finch
Family Cemetery -
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18        James C. Daniel:  38th Regiment of Georgia Volunteer Infantry -
John Jonathan Daniel
Mary Augusta Drake and Ida Pope Binns
August 2019