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*For clarity, it should be noted that Philomath was originally called Woodstock.  Name had to be changed in mid-
1840s when a post office was approved though locals continued calling it Woodstock and this is still the
Woodstock District of the county.  It should also be noted that throughout these writings about families, I will use
abbreviations and often identify individuals by initials as writing of multiple people with same first name is
confusing and repetitive use of full names becomes cumbersome.  EX:  Robert Cunningham Daniel may
sometimes be RCD.  Links can be found at the end.

Benjamin Franklin Daniel (BFD) was born July 9, 1850, son of Robert C Daniel (RCD) and Emily G
Milner Daniel
(EGMD).   He married December 24, 1892, Florence Housholder
of Toledo, Ohio, who was a visitor in the home of
William Hart, Union Point, GA.
.  She was born January 1, 1865, daughter of Lewis Housholder and Samantha
McCreary Housholder.  B. F. Daniel is listed in 1880 census, Woodstock, Oglethorpe County, as age 29
and a farmer.  From his obituary, he became a physician/surgeon.  Per a report in 1971 by his great grandson,
Hope Harvey Payne III, Benjamin also became a lawyer before becoming a doctor.  (see later)  Florence,
according to 1900 census, was a dressmaker.  Her sister, Georgia Housholder, was living with them as a boarder,
and she was a milliner.   Benjamin died of tuberculosis June 27, 1910, and Florence died March 5, 1923, in Decatur,
DeKalb County, GA.  They are buried in the Decatur Cemetery.  Benjamin and Florence had two children:  

Robert Lewis Daniel, was born February 10, 1894, in Union Point, Greene County, GA.  He married Mabel
Wiseman, who was born February 27, 1902 (parents unknown).  Robert became a physician.  They had one child,
Carolyn, who married first Hope Harvey Payne, Jr.  and second Karl Bomar.  Carolyn had 2 children by her first
husband:  Robert Daniel Payne and Hope Harvey Payne III.   Robert Lewis died August 29, 1978, and Mabel died
March 19, 1991.  Both are buried in Decatur Cemetery.  Carolyn
Daniel Bomar, who was born August 26, 1922,
died July 10, 2013, and is also buried in Decatur Cemetery.  (see Find A Grave)

John Cunningham Daniel, was born October 1, 1896 in Union Point, Greene Couny, GA.  He married Neely Smith,
born June 19, 1898 (her parents unknown).  I believe they had no children.  According to 1920 census, John was
23, living with his mother, occupation was used car dealer.  I could not find him on 1930 census, but the 1940
census shows him and wife living in Decatur, John an architect and wife Neely a teacher.  John died April 5, 1962,
and Neely died May 19, 1980.  Both are buried in Decatur Cemetery.  (see Find a Grave)

Various internet sites show different years for Benjamin’s year of birth (1850, 1853, 1854, 1856) and ages at death
(53, 55, 58, 60).  The date of Benjamin’s birth is listed in the Family Bible as July 9, 18?? – the year is smudged and
illegible.  The most credible data from multi sources is that he was born July 9, 1850.  Consider the fact Ben is
listed as a student at the Philomathean Collegiate Institute in the term beginning
“second Monday in January”
1858, meaning he was either 7 ½ if born in 1850 or 1 ½ if born in 1856 – the latter being a bit unfathomable.  The
year 1850 has been confirmed by his great grandson, Hope Harvey Payne III.

Benjamin & Florence are listed twice in the 1910 census, both taken before his birthday in July.  One in Greene Co.
shows his age 59 and her age 43.  The second census in Dekalb Co. shows his age 54 and her age 40 + 2 sons –
Robert age 16 and John age 14.  In a report by his great grandson, H Harvey Payne III, Ben’s date of birth & death
were 1850-1910.  Mr. Payne confirmed again in September 2020 Ben’s year of birth is 1850.

In the 1880 census, Benjamin is listed as living alone and occupation as farmer in Woodstock (Philomath) GA.  In
the 1900 census, Benjamin & Florence were living in Union Point, GA.   Benjamin age 49, born in July 1850
(census taken June 5, 1900, so not yet 50), a physician.  Florence age 34, born in January 1866, a dressmaker.  
They have 2 sons—Robert L age 6, and Jno C age 3.  Also, boarding with them was Florence’s sister, Georgia
Housholder, a milliner.

Benjamin and Florence seem to be listed on 2 census reports in 1910.  Greene County, Union Point census taken
April 16, 1910:  Benjamin age 59, a practicing physician, and wife Florence age 43.  They are also on the census
taken May 4, 1910,  for Dekalb County, Decatur district:  Benjamin age 54, a practicing physician, and wife
Florence age 40, along with 2 sons – Robert 16 and John 14, as well as a servant (private family cook) in the
household named Sally Pond age 60.  Why the differences in ages?  The Greene Co. census has their ages closer to
what they really were.  The Dekalb Co. census lists both their boys.  (see BFD-MISC)

Benjamin was a minor when his father died December 1, 1863, and his mother died seven months later, June 30,
1864.  His oldest brother, John Jonathan, applied and was appointed his guardian on December 5, 1864.  Among
the various listings in Annual Returns for the following years (Books P-T) are claims against the RCD estate for
payments on behalf of Benjamin for boots, suit, medicine, charges to Dr. H F Andrews for multiple visits to dress a
wound to Benjamin’s foot, box collars, cravat, tuition to John W Reid.

In AR Book S:  $45 was paid to Georgia A Bryan (mother-in-law of his sister, Ella) for 3 months board Jan 24,
1867; $15.75 to James B Dunwoody for 11 weeks tuition Jan 24, 1867.   I suspect sending Benjamin to live with
Mrs. Bryan (in Washington, GA) was a matter of convenience.  William T Daniel, Benjamin’s brother, had just been
killed.  Brothers John and William were co-administrators of their father’s estate.  In addition to normal emotions
of such an event and the usual business of managing the estate without William, John would also be involved with
helping William’s family and with the case involving William’s murder.  Note the date is just a few weeks after
Benjamin’s brother was killed.  Other expenses from RCD’s estate on Benjamin’s behalf:  $24 to I Simon & Bros for
1 youth suit; $24.45 to Cozart & Hogue for 1 Cornell’s Geography, ¾ yd Linsey, and 1 cassimere suit @ $22.50;
$1.80 to Dr. Lanthrop to plug one tooth gold.  (see BFD-MISC)

With permission:  In a report written in 1971 by Benjamin’s great grandson, H. Harvey Payne III, Ben
considered a genius in every meaning of the word.  At age five he read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography and
soon thereafter named himself – before which everyone called him ‘BUDDY’”.   That “his first professional
endeavor was that of  becoming a lawyer.  He passed the Bar examination without ever attending a formal law
school.  He practiced law for only a few years, giving it up because he felt that he could not practice the law of
the times and remain a gentleman.  He won every criminal case that he undertook, but he actually felt that each
defendant he had was in truth guilty.  Benjamin and Larry Gantt edited and published the county Newspaper for
a time.”

Mr. Payne also writes: “He…attended Atlanta Medical College, where he graduated at the age of 37.  He
graduated first honor in 1887, and set an academic record that was not surpassed from the founding of the
Medical College, prior to the Civil War, and 1916 when the Medical College was assimilated by Emory Medical

“He moved to Union Point, Ga., where he practiced medicine until his death.  He married Florence Housholder of  
Toledo, Ohio, who was a visitor in the home of William Hart, Union Point, Ga.  They had two children:  ROBERT
LEWIS (1894) and JOHN CUNNINGHAM (1896-1962).”

Benjamin bought very little at the two estate sales of his father’s property (furniture, livestock, etc) – he was only
15 at the first sale and 18 at the second. Regarding his father’s land, according to deeds in Oglethorpe County,
Benjamin paid $2,925 for a parcel of land, 620 acres known as the Banks Place, from his father’s estate at a
public auction on January 1871, but the deed was not written and recorded until December 5, 1879   
[Deed Y,
 He “sold” that same acreage on December 8, 1879 for $700 “under the statutes of Georgia to secure
to Francis L Upson.  He also sold a parcel of land, 17 acres known as the Jones Lot, to Mr. Upson in
1881.  (I cannot find when he acquired that parcel).   In 1888, he bought both parcels back after Mr. Upson’s
death (presumably paid off his loan).  He immediately sold a piece of the Banks Tract (488) acres; two other
pieces of that tract were sold in 1892.  The Jones Place (17 acres) was sold to William T Nash in 1896. (See

Mr. Payne further writes of a particular event in which Benjamin, in an effort to defend the honor of his sister, Ella,
shot her neighbor in self defense.  He was charged with assault with intent to murder; first trial (April 1878) ended
in mistrial, second trial (Oct 1879) he was found
“not guilty”.  He was then tried for misdemeanor carrying pistol
concealed for which he pled guilty.  He was fined $50 and to pay cost of prosecution.   
“In default of paying said
fine & costs, that he be confined in the Common Jail for thirty days.”
  (for more details on this case, see BFD-

Journal of American Medical Association, July-December 1910 edition, shows that Benjamin Franklin Daniel,
M.D. graduated from the Atlanta Medical College in 1887.  He lived and practiced medicine in Union Point before
moving to Decatur where he lived for two years before passing away of tuberculosis June 27, 1910.  (see BFD-


INITIALS:  Used when first name may be confused with someone else of same name, and when full name is
cumbersome or awkward to repeat.
BFD = Benjamin Franklin Daniel
FHD = Florence Housholder Daniel
WTD = William Thomas Daniel
RCD = Robert Cunningham Daniel, his father
EGMD = Emily G. Milner Daniel, his mother
E&A = Oglethorpe County, Equity & Appeals, Book D, Pages 63-120 (RCD’s estate)
AR = Oglethorpe County, Annual Returns, Books Q, R, S, & T


The State of Georgia vs Benjamin F Daniel:  
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Benjamin Franklin Daniel and Florence Householder
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